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LeicestershireChildren and Family Service Procedures Manual

Local Policies, Procedures and Guidance

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CAPTION: All Children
All Children
Departmental Plan, Vision and Road to Excellence
Title: When Inserted:
DEPARTMENTAL PLAN - Children and Family Services March 2018
ROAD TO EXCELLENCE - Continuous Improvement Plan 2017 - 2020 August 2017
LINK to Children and Family Services Structure Charts n/a
INDUCTION BOOKLET - CFS New staff October 2019
POLICY - Social Work Career Progression Pathway October 2019
Growing Quality & Practice Standards
Title: When Inserted:
FRAMEWORK - Signs of Safety, Stability and Success October 2018
GUIDANCE - Growing Quality in Social Care August 2017
GUIDANCE - Practice Standards (Children's Social Care) April 2019
GUIDANCE - Practice Standards (Children in Need) August 2019
GUIDANCE - LLR Practice Standards Child Protection Processes July 2020
STRATEGY – Voice Strategy 2020 - 2023 September 2020
GUIDANCE - Practice Standards (Occupational Therapy in Disabled Children's Service) January 2020
GUIDANCE - Practice Standards for the Independent Visitors Scheme March 2020
HANDBOOK - 2020 Social Worker Career Progression Handbook April 2020
TEMPLATES - 2020 Social Worker Career Progression Templates April 2020
Thresholds for Children's Social Care Services
Title: When Inserted:
View the LLR LSCB thresholds for access to services for children and families in Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland n/a
PROTOCOL - Transfer Protocol December 2022
Early Help
Title: When Inserted:
OFFER - LCC Early Help Offer June 2020
MANUAL - Early Help Services Operating Manual June 2020
Children's Social Care - Assessment and Planning
Title: When Inserted:
GUIDANCE -Family Care and Protect Meetings September 2018
PROCEDURE - Section 7 and Section 37 Procedure September 2018
PROCEDURE - Decision making for children who are subject of Child Protection and Looked After Children Processes June 2020
FRAMEWORK - East Midlands Parenting Assessment Framework November 2021
GUIDANCE - Flow Chart for Decision Making on Dual Status (Child Protection & Looked After Children) June 2020
GUIDANCE - Guidance note for Child impact assessment template for Section 7 Reports March 2019
GUIDANCE - Guidance for use of the Social Work Evidence Template (SWET) March 2019
GUIDANCE - Completion of Assessment Update Report March 2019
GUIDANCE - Planning aid for Sibling assessments March 2019
GUIDANCE - Pre Birth Assessments May 2020
GUIDANCE - Writing to the child November 2021
TEMPLATE - Ending Child Protection Plans by Letter for children becoming Looked After PARENT LETTER August 2019
TEMPLATE - Ending Child Protection Plans by letter for children becoming Looked after PROFESSIONALS LETTER August 2019
TEMPLATE - CP and CIN Child or Young Person's Assessment Update March 2019
TEMPLATE - Looked after Child or Young Person's Assessment Update Issued Jan 2021
TEMPLATE - Looked after Child or Young Person's Plan November 2021
TEMPLATE - Child or Young Person Chronology March 2020
TEMPLATE - Child Protection Plan November 2021
TEMPLATE - Core Group Meeting November 2021
TEMPLATE - CIN Review Meeting Record November 2021
TEMPLATE - CIN Plan November 2021
TOOLKIT - Assessment campaign Digging for Detail / Analysis / Finding the Network n/a
TOOLKIT - Planning campaign - SMART Plans n/a
Children in Need
Title: When Inserted:
See PRACTICE STANDARDS (Children in Need) n/a
Legal Proceedings
Title: When Inserted:
PROCEDURE - Legal Proceedings and Children's Decision Making Panel (CDM) May 2019
GUIDANCE – Pre proceedings top tips. May 2019
GUIDANCE – Pre proceedings. May 2019
Complaints and Whistleblowing
Title: When Inserted:
GUIDANCE - Complaints handling guidance update August 2019 Aug 2019
GUIDANCE – LADO Guidance for Employees/Volunteers subject to the allegations procedures January 2022
PROCEDURE - Complaints and Representations n/a
POLICY - Corporate Complaints and Compliments Policy November 2016
POLICY & PROCEDURE - Whistleblowing Corporate February 2019
POLICY & PROCEDURE - Whistleblowing LLR LSCB n/a
Link to LLR Allegations against persons who work with Children (under review) July 2020
Flow Chart - LADO Process January 2022
Title: When Inserted:
PROCEDURE - Notifications of LAC Child from the placing Local Authority to LCC (area authority) Jan 2020
TEMPLATE - Notification of placement of Leicestershire County Council looked after child in other local authority Jan 2020
Safeguarding and Child Protection
Title: When Inserted:
COVID 19 - PRACTICE GUIDANCE: Safeguarding during Covid19 restrictions April 2020
COVID 19 - GUIDANCE: Home Visiting April 2020
COVID 19 - GUIDANCE - CP Conferences and LAC reviews April 2020
COVID 19 - GUIDANCE: Domestic Abuse April 2020
COVID 19 - GUIDANCE: Facilitating parental involvement in virtual case conferences April 2020
COVID 19 - GUIDANCE: PPE April 2020
COVID 19 - GUIDANCE: Use of pool cars April 2020
POLICY- Social Media Investigations Policy September 2019
Social Media Approval Form November 2019
PROTOCOL - Local Authority Accommodation under Pace Detention Transfer May 2019
GUIDANCE - IRO Quality Assurance Alert Escalation January 2020
FLOW CHART - IRO QA Alert Escalation Process Formal Flow Chart June 2019
FLOW CHART - IRO QA Alert Escalation Process informal Flow Chart January 2020
Child Criminal Exploitation
Title: When Inserted:
PROTOCOL - CCE Team Operating Protocol November 2016
PROTOCOL - Joint protocol for Children and Young people who go Missing from Home or Care August 2019
PROCEDURE - Initial response to children & young people at risk of CSE June 2019
GUIDANCE – CSE Risk Assessment and Tool September 2020
TOOL - CSE Risk Assessment and Tool April 2019
FRAMEWORK - East Midlands Child Criminal Exploitation Framework Nov 2019
TOOL – CCE (Signs of Gang) Involvement Screening Tool September 2020
Quality Assurance
Title: When Inserted:
FRAMEWORK - Quality Assurance and Improvement Framework January 2021
CAPTION: Case Management and Recording
Case Management and Recording
Supervision and Management Oversight
Title: When Inserted:
POLICY - Children and Family Services Departmental Supervision Policy January 2019
GUIDANCE - Guidance for Supervisors and Managers in Social Care and Early Help January 2019
TOOLS - Supervision and Management Oversight - Tools and Resources January 2019
TEMPLATES - Supervision Policy
Case Management and Recording
Title: When Inserted:
PROCEDURE - Access to Records n/a
POLICY - Public access to information and data policy March 2019
GUIDANCE - GDPR Right of Access Request: A Guide to Managers signing off children social care Requests n/a
GUIDANCE - '3-month update' casenote guidance April 2020
CAPTION: Children in Particular Circumstances
Children in Particular Circumstances
Children with Disabilities
Title: When Inserted:
STATEMENT - Short Breaks Services Statement September 2020
PROCEDURE – Brokerage Process September 2020
GUIDANCE – Placement Brokerage Process & Mosaic Steps September 2020
PROCEDURE – Making a referral for a Commissioned Service through Short Break (Play & Leisure) and Domiciliary Care (Home Care) Framework September 2020
GUIDANCE - Disabled Children's Service Eligability Criteria May 2019
GUIDANCE - Risk of Admission Register (ROAR) & Care Education and Treatment Review (CETR) July 2020
Children from Abroad
Title: When Inserted:
GUIDANCE - Completion of assessment for an Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Child (UASC) March 2020
GUIDANCE - Supporting Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children at School December 2020
Title: When Inserted:
FLOWCHART - Accommodating Young People under Legislative Duties July 2019
GUIDE - Helping Young People with Housing Problems - Booklet/guide for young people Feb 2020
Family and Friends Care
Title: When Inserted:
POLICY - Family and Friends Care policy July 2019
GUIDANCE - Family and Friends guide for Carers July 2019
Private Fostering
Title: When Inserted:
Young Carers
Title: When Inserted:
There are currently no forms in this category.N.A.
Relinquished Children
Title: When Inserted:
GUIDANCE - Relinquished Babies Workflow June 2020
Deprivation of Liberty and Mental Capacity
Title: When Inserted:
PROCEDURE - Court Authorisation to a Deprivation of Liberty (DOLs) situation May 2019
TEMPLATE - Consent to Deprivation of Liberty and Placement relating to Children and Young People May 2019
Care Leavers
Title: When Inserted:
OFFER - Care Leaver Offer May 2019
TERMS OF REFERENCE – Care Leaver Panel December 2019
JOINT PROTOCOL – Jobcentre Plus and Leicestershire County Council December 2020
CAPTION: Looked After Children
Looked After Children
Decision to Look After and Care Planning
Title: When Inserted:
OFFER - Our Promise to Children in Care and Care Leavers January 2019
STRATEGY - Leicestershire Corporate Parenting Strategy September 2019
STRATEGY - Care Placement Strategy August 2018
PROCEDURE - Enduring Consent for Health August 2019
FORM/TEMPLATE - Enduring Consent for Health Feb 2020
PROCEDURE - Appointment of an Independent Visitor July 2019
HANDBOOK - Independent Visitors June 2019
POLICY - Delegation of Authority for Looked after Children November 2016
POLICY - Permanence Policy May2020
GUIDANCE - Permanence Panel Terms of Reference July 2020
FORM/TEMPLATE - Permanence Panel Checklist Dec 2019
TERMS OF REFERENCE – Children in Care High Risk Panel December 2019
Title: When Inserted:
POLICY - Parent and Child Foster Care Placement Policy July 2019
PROCEDURE - Indivdual Placement Agreement Completion Process September 2020
PROCEDURE - Placement Planning Process September 2020
PROCEDURE – Off Framework Process September 2020
PROCEDURE - Placements with Parents May 2020
PROCEDURE – Unregulated and Crisis Placement Process September 2020
PROCEDURE – Ofsted Check Process September 2020
PROCEDURE – External Funding process September 2020
PROCEDURE – End of Placement Process September 2020
PROCEDURE – Call off process September 2020
PROCEDURE – Issues and Concerns Process September 2020
ART Panel ToR Issue January 2021
TEMPLATE – Issues and Concerns Form September 2020
TEMPLATE - Placement with Parents Agreement Form June 2019
PROCEDURE - Secure Accommodation Review Panel Procedure November 2019
APPENDIX 1- Secure Accommodation Review Panel Agenda November 2019
PROCEDURE – Desk top quality review of placement process September 2020
PROCEDURE – Residential Placement Review Cycle September 2020
GUIDANCE - Best Practice Quality Assurance and Monitoring Process for Residential Homes, Independent Fostering Agencies, 16+ Supported Accommodation a September 2020
TEMPLATE – Desk top quality review of placement process September 2020
PROCEDURE – Requires Improvement Inadequate rated provision process September 2020
GUIDANCE - Flow Chart for Requires Improvement Provisions September 2020
GUIDANCE - Monitoring Independent Fostering Agencies, Residential & SEN provision FLOW CHART May 2019
GUIDANCE - QA visit report 16 + provision September 2020
TEMPLATE – QA visit report 16 + Accommodation Guidance September 2020
TEMPLATE – QA visit report 16 + Accommodation Health and Safety September 2020
GUIDANCE - QA visit report Independent Fostering Agency Guidance September 2020
TEMPLATE – QA visit report Independent Fostering Agency Guidance September 2020
GUIDANCE - QA visit report Residential provision Guidance September 2020
TEMPLATE – QA visit report Residential provision guidance September 2020
GUIDANCE - QA visit Report SEN School Provision Guidance September 2020
TEMPLATE– QA Visit report SEN School Provision Guidance September 2020
GUIDANCE – QA visit report residential and school provision guidance September 2020
TEMPLATE - QA Visit Report Residential provision Form September 2020
GUIDANCE – QA Visit report SENA Residential Guidance September 2020
TEMPLATE – QA Visit report SENA Residential Guidance September 2020
GUIDANCE – QA visit report Day & Residential Guidance September 2020
TEMPLATE – QA visit report Day & Residential Guidance September 2020
Monitoring and Reviews
Title: When Inserted:
There are currently no forms in this category.N.A.
Contact and Overnight Stays
Title: When Inserted:
GUIDANCE - Contact Expectations December 2019
Education, School Trips and Holidays
Title: When Inserted:
GUIDANCE – Term Time Holidays for carers and social workers September 2020
LCC LAC Admissions Protocol Issued Jan 2021
TEMPLATE – Foster Carer agreement September 2020
TEMPLATE Connected Persons Foster Carer Agreement September 2020
TEMPLATE – Application for term time holidays September 2020
Health and Wellbeing
Title: When Inserted:
POLICY - Use of Therapeutic Interventions May 2020
GUIDANCE - SDQ Process September 2020
GUIDANCE – SDQ Detailed Process Flow & Mosaic recording guidance September 2020
GUIDANCE - Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) Guidance for use and interpretation with Looked after children May 2020
Change of Name and Marriage
Title: When Inserted:
Leaving Care and Transition
Title: When Inserted:
GUIDANCE - Life Story Work Practice Guidance & Workflow Sept 2019
STRATEGY - Education, Employment and Training Strategy (NEET) July 2019
GUIDANCE - Supported Lodgings Placement Scheme May 2019
GUIDANCE - Off Framework Database for 16 + provision May 2019
Children's Homes
Title: When Inserted:
CAPTION: Fostering and Adoption
Fostering and Adoption
Fostering Services
Title: When Inserted:
STATEMENT - Fostering Service, Statement of Purpose August 2019
STRATEGY - Foster Carer Recruitment and Retention August 2018
HANDBOOK - Foster Carer Handbook December 2018
POLICY - Discretionary Payments and Capital Loans to Foster Carers and Adopters November 2021
POLICY - Ending of Foster Placements July 2019
PROCEDURE - Internal Foster Carer Search Process September 2020
GUIDANCE - Criteria for the Recruitment and Assessment of Fostering Applicants (including Specialist Carers) January 2022
Annual Report - Fostering Services 2019/2020 November 2020
TRAINING PROGRAMME - Personal Training and Development Programme for the fostering, adoption and placement service April 2018
Adoption and Permanence Services
Title: When Inserted:
STATEMENT - Adoption Service, Statement of Purpose August 2019
POLICY- Adoption Recruitment Business Rules and Standards for the Recruitment of Adopters March 2017
POLICY - Permanence Passport: The Fostering, Adoption and Connected Care Support Offer July 2019
Special Guardianship
Title: When Inserted:
PROCEDURE - Child Arrangement Order (CAO) and Special Guardianship Order (SGO) allowances Feb 2020